Monday, 30 March 2015

Finished - just in time - the Vinyl Vacation

Friends I promise you this is the last gaudy man-shirt I will subject you to for a while. I've posted my latest Negroni over at Stitch 56 but wanted to share with you a bit more of the nitty gritty changes I made since my first Negroni, the epic Mindblower creation of 2015.

At the same time as purchasing the most tasteful fabric in the world for my guy I also grabbed this fab retro inspired Vinyl Vacation Alexander Henry print. Is this not the perfect fabric for some Alohawear?

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Fujiyama Mama dress

About 4, maybe 5 years ago now I found out I couldn't (or rather, shouldn't) eat apples. Apparently I can't digest certain types of sugars (including fructose or f**ktose as I like to call it) without my abdomen inflating like a non-purple Violet Beauregarde.  So apples being chock full of f**cktose are off my culinary list, which makes me sad. I did so love to bite into a nice crispy Fuji. Anyway, whinge over and in a totally seamless segueway I was delighted a couple of years ago to find the most gorgeous navy seersucker printed with coral and beige apples at Spotlight. I positively squealed when I found this fabric, and for 2 years it has sat, occasionally stroked, waiting for the perfect dress pattern to make a sweet, f**cktose-free, yet appley union.

Friday, 27 February 2015

On stress, knitting and pain.

Lovelies I've had busy, stressful, glum couple of weeks. Nothing dire but just enough pressure to string me out a bit and surprisingly a big part of it seems to be because I've not been able to knit. I've got a chronic painful tendon issue in my arms that I've finally received the correct treatment for and part of that treatment was no repetitive hand or finger action for a couple of weeks. I really didn't realise how much not being able to knit would affect my ability to mentally wind down and it's kind of compounded. Stress, pain, no knitting, new stress, red wine..... Fortunately I've still been able to sew. Holy shit, I can't even begin to imagine how unhinged I'd be if I wasn't able sew or knit....

Many of you will be able to understand just how wonderfully meditative it is to knit, even simply. Anyway, my lovely arm Physio has written me a 'return to knitting' program (based on a musician's return to practice program - how hilarious yet awesome would it be to find a health practitioner who whips out a knitting rehab program specifically for creaky crafters?!) and my arms are definitely getting better which really is such an enormous relief. 

My aunt forwarded me this fascinating article a few weeks ago outlining the enormous positive mental health benefits linked to knitting, and it's well worth a read. Compassion fatigue, pain, stress, anxiety, eating disorders - so many issues helped by such a simple past-time. I imagine it's hard for non knitters to imagine how it can be so but I can believe it - and I've only been doing it a couple of years. 

In the meantime here are a few newly added gorgeous patterns in my Ravelry queue to share. I'm in the middle of number 4, the Annency Cowl, in a divine charcoal cashmere.... Triangles are SO hot right now!


Ravelry links - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

What's on your needles right now? Give me new patterns and designers to ogle and add to my infinite queue!

Happy weekend and happy health and fitness to all. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Finished - A sassy, slinky, stripey Audrey dress

Sometimes when it's stinking hot you just need a little stripey number that covers what needs covering, reveals what is worth revealing and still fits comfortably after an all-you-can-eat night at your favourite (air conditioned) curry house (seriously I had the best meal of my life at this place. Mostly gluten free, a lot of free-range, very cool - if you live in/visit Melbourne I can't recommend it enough)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Finished - a chambray Granville.

I was delighted when Helene from Stitch 56 wanted to know if any of her bloggers wanted to try the new Sewaholic Granville shirt - up went my hand, into the stash I dove and out came 2 options - some lovely lightweight chambray from Darn Cheap Fabrics or my crazy orange Paisley cat Liberty. I shook them in the face of my beloved and he chose the chambray, sensible chap that he is.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Finished - But I Don't Wear White top

I don't really don't shop for clothes anymore (just shoes!), and so most of my inspiration comes from sewing blogs, the fabric itself or people I see on the street. But I'm still subscribed to a lot of mailing lists from clothing stores I used to shop at, and every now and then I'll have a peek at what's new and shiny in the fashion world.

One of my favourite Australian brands was/is Metalicus - they've built their brand on a range of mostly one-size-fits-all super stretchy but chic pieces, often in gorgeous knit fabrics and trimmed with beautiful laces and silk. 

When I saw the Sabrina top late last year I loved the boxy, slightly cropped shape, and the gorgeous lace trim but not the $130 price tag so I immediately started scheming how to make my own version. Trims are not something I tend to take particular notice of, but at Darn Cheap Fabrics their racks are heaving with amazing fripperies, so I knew I'd find something close to what I was after there. Of course most of the laces were white, and despite really not wearing much white (a conscious choice due to the combination of being incredibly pale of skin and clumsy around red foodstuffs) I didn't have an awful lot of choice in my colour scheme.

I had a couple of metres of white linen in my stash, also from Darn Cheap, coated very subtly in gold which gives it a gorgeous ethereal shimmer. And I was pretty certain my favourite New Look 6808/Laurel mash up would give me the look I was after with a few minor tweaks....

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Finished - a Negroni that will blow your mind....

I wish that I could attach a little sound bite to this post. I feel it deserves a little electric guitar lick - just a few notes; it's that kind of garment.....

It's glamping and festival time at Chez Tragic, which can only mean one thing - a novelty shirt for the husband. Before Christmas I was perusing the internet looking for homoerotic cowboy fabric (as one does) when I happened upon Voodoo Rabbit, a fabric store based in Brisbane, specialising in rockabilly, vintage reproduction and Day of the Dead fabrics. My beloved was perusing over my shoulder, and an Alexander Henry design called Mindblowers caught his eye. This, my friends, is what happens when men go fabric shopping.....